We are always on the lookout for great deals, whether it be on groceries, a night out on the town, or a new piece of technology you have had your eye on for awhile. Another place that a great deal can often be found is in used tires. Tires that would normally be several hundred dollars can be purchased for much less when they are lightly worn. Here at Tyrrell Tires, we keep our eyes out for only the best quality used tires and pass the savings onto our loyal customers.
There are definitely some stigmas that surround used tires. We assume that because they have been pulled off of another vehicle that they are worthless, or they have been worn beyond use. This couldn’t be further from the truth however and used tires often have years of use left in them. Used tires are pulled off of cars that have been traded in, or a car that was considered totaled after a wreck or they were just discarded by the previous owner of the vehicle.
Another important factor to consider in your search for the perfect set of used tires is what retailer you decide to give your business to. There are many retailers online or in person that are dishonest about where the tires came from or how much they are actually worth. Luckily, none of those practices are used at Tyrrell Tires. We are experts in used and new tires and inspect tires from every angle to identify poor quality and defects. Used tires will be mounted on a rack and tested for things like air leaks, tread wear, lumps, and unusual separations. It’s important for you as the customer to ask us any questions you have about the tires during the buying process. We know these tires better than anyone and would love nothing more than to educate you as well.
When you are on the market for a set of used tires, check the specifications for that particular vehicle. Things like recommended size, speed ratings, and load ratings for the vehicle can be found inside the driver side door. If the wrong set is selected then it can cause the tires to wear much faster than they should, resulting in a premature blowout and even causing damage to other parts of the vehicle. A higher load and speed rating should be okay, but you should never go below the vehicle recommendations found inside the driver door or in the driver’s manual.
If for any reason you believe that the tires on your current vehicle are not up to the factory recommendation or are wearing unevenly because they were not designed for the vehicle you are driving then come by Tyrrell Tires for a comprehensive inspection. Our team of technicians is capable of identifying issues quickly and giving you a proper diagnosis. If the tires do in fact need to be replaced then we will make sure you are getting the perfect set of factory recommended used tires at a great price.