At Tyrrell Tires we know how annoying it can be if your air conditioning or heating systems are working properly in your vehicle. We are always more than happy to take a look at your vehicle and see what the issue is, there is never a job too much for us! Please don’t hesitate to bring your car in if you think something isn’t quite right with your AC in your vehicle.

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Your air conditioning and heating system in your vehicle play very important roles when it comes to the comfortability and safety of your vehicle. The A/C and heating systems in your vehicle are very vital to the comfortability of the ride you experience in your vehicle. The heating system is designed to keep you warm in the winter, while the A/C system serves two functions: cool air in the summer, and defrosting your windshield in the winter. Heating systems consist of a heater core, this heater core acts as a small radiator behind the dashboard, then a series of fans and hoses that operate to run the warmth from the engine back to the vents inside the car. On the other hand, air conditioning systems work by transporting coolant to the fan so it can blow cool and refreshing air inside the vehicle. Unlike the air conditioning and heating system in your home that uses electrical power, your vehicle uses the heat from the engine and the engine’s cooling feature to alternate between warm and cold air within the cabin of the vehicle.

Why Do I Need This Service?



Just like with anything you purchase, wear and tear are going to occur, your A/C system in your vehicle is no different. After so much time and usage, certain components of the system may start to work less or not work at all. Typically, a common issue with air conditioning systems are hose pipes being clogged or springing a leak, causing the A/C to either not be as cold or not cold at all. However, if you try to keep up with routine and proper maintenance, these issues shouldn’t come up.



Air conditioning blowing warm air and Heating blowing cool air. Your A/C is blowing warm air. The air coming from your vents smells off. i.e. damp, moldy, or stuffy. You have your vents at the highest setting and they are hardly blowing any air. If during the winter, your cabin does not seem to heat up. Complications with the defroster, not working, taking an excessive amount of time to heat up, or blowing in dirty air. If your A/C or heat quits working when you are idle, or the car is not moving, it only works while you are driving.

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