When it comes to safety, the brakes on your vehicle are one of the most important aspects to keeping you safe. Everybody who gets in a vehicle has a fear of failing brakes, to give yourself peace of mind you should have them routinely checked. Tyrell Tires recommends having your brakes checked once a year, that way you can insure that they are not in need of repair, or replacement.

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BRAKE REPAIR in Rapid city

 The brakes on your vehicle are the most essential part of keeping you safe while driving on the road. Because they are used every day, it’s important to keep up with maintenance on your brakes.

There are two basic types of braking systems that most vehicles have, traditional brakes and ABS. The typical components to a braking system are: the rotors, calipers, and brake pads or shoes. When you keep up on replacing the pads maintenance is cheaper, but if your pads wear too much you may need to replace the rotors as well.

If you live in a hilly place, or drive in a lot of heavy traffic, it’s recommended to have your brakes looked at more than just once a year.

    • To preserve your brakes, you should:
      • Remember to take off the parking brake when not in park
      • Check brake fluid levels
      • If you must add fluid more than once every few months then you might need to take your vehicle in to be checked.
      • Your brakes are the most important thing to keep you safe when operating your vehicle, don’t shrug off little noises or things you think may not be important. You never know when your brakes could fail or be damaged.

Why Do I Need This Service?


Shaking or vibration during braking


A high pitched or piercing squeak when you hit the brakes


Requiring additional pressure to brake than normal


A grinding or scraping noise when you are not using the brakes.

 This could be an indication of a bearing or brake issue that you need to have checked ASAP.

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