Suspension, Shocks and Struts

If the steering and suspension in your vehicle aren’t properly aligned, it can make for a pretty rough and uncontrollable ride. The steering system and the shocks are the components that bear the weight of the car, and keep the tires on the road while you drive. It all works together to give you a smooth and controllable ride.

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vehicle suspension, shocks, and strut repair in Rapid city

At Tyrrell Tires, we recommend having your suspension and steering checked at least once per year to avoid needing any major repairs. Please don’t wait if you start feeling something is off with your vehicle, we don’t want you to risk the safety of yourself and potential passengers.

When you bring your vehicle in to Tyrrell Tires to have any of these issues checked, here are some of the things we will look at on your vehicle:

  • Steering wheel alignment
  • Power steering fluid
  • Struts and/or impacts
  • Tightness of nuts and bolts
  • Issues with alignment
  • Uneven tires or wear on tires
  • Loose or even used power steering belts
  • Tires that aren’t balanced

Our team of specialists will look over every potential cause of the suspension or steering issue, to make sure we find the proper solution and affordable solution for you. Next time you are experiencing suspension and/or steering complications, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to Tyrrell Tires!

Why Do I Need This Service?


Tires wiggle or wonder


car pulls to one side


Major issues driving over uneven roadways or dips


Trouble steering


Steering seems like it’s sliding


Car continues to bounce after hitting a bump

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